Baetonin Cynathas

Standing three inches over six feet tall, Baetonin Cynathas appears human, wearing a pale complexion and skin tone with short cropped near-white hair and bright silver gray eyes. He carries a lean, moderate build with long limbs.

Foremost among his attire, is a broad-collared long coat made of unreflective nightscale (or finely-textured black fabric), that descends to just below his knees. Underneath, he wears a dark gray and black flecked linen shirt, tucked into the nightscale utility belt holding up his black canvas trousers. The trousers in turn, are tucked into sturdy, knee high boots made of flexible black leather.

Sheathed at his side in a shadesteel scabbard, is a sturdy sword with a straight two foot blade, composed of metal marked by whorled jade and onyx hues.

*Garb and possessions may vary based on the technology level of a given setting.

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