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Luthaerius Aelaraeluin

Pushing against the frontiers of what is known, worshipers of this elven deity are most often found engaged in their studies, classrooms and workshops or out charting the cosmos.  Fierce rivalries and steadfast alliances coexist between various chapters and sects in their efforts to both gain and demonstrate the greatest level of understanding and mastery in various arts, trades or subjects.  From both conflict and collaboration, his faithful produce a steady supply of proposals for various projects and endeavors and deliver them to the proper authority in the land.  Divine spellcasters of Luthaerius Aelaraeluin pray for and prepare their spells at noon, when the sun is at its zenith.

Power: Intermediate Deity
Title: The Eager Step Forward, The Ceaseless Scholar
Alignment: Neutral Good
Worshipers: Any non-evil
Clerics: Any good or true neutral
Symbol: A bound scroll with white wings placed beneath a golden torch, all under an arc of seven blue stars.
Domains: Community, Elf, Good, Knowledge, Planning, Pride, Truth and Zeal
Portfolio: advisers, analysis, apprentices, colleagues, discovery, education, explorers, investigators, masters, progress, learning, research, scholars, students, teachers
Favored Weapon: The Long Horizon (Saber -> FRCS pg. 97)
Dogma:  Delight in the sport of discovery, learning, understanding, application and progress.  Thrust aside whatever might veil or obfuscate the path ahead so that others might follow and prosper because of it.  Challenge untested conclusions in the crucible of what can be proven with demonstration and evidence. Document your endeavors and contribute to a greater vision of what promise may be realized beyond the next horizon.

Initiate Feats for Lutharius Aelaeraeluin

Ceaseless Scholar [Initiate]
The need for sleep or reverie need not interfere with your racing thoughts and pressing ideas.
Prerequisites: Cleric level 1st, patron deity Lutharius Aelaraeluin
Benefit: You no longer require sleep or reverie in order to function properly.  The process of regaining spells still requires you to observe an 8 hour period of restful calm prior to the act of preparation or meditation.
In addition, you become immune to involuntary sleep spells and effects.
You may also add the following spells to your cleric spell list: 1st - Identify, 3rd - Ghost Lantern (CM 106), 6th - Legend Lore, 7th - Vision

The Eager Step Forward [Initiate]
Eager to find what you seek, you are often the last to turn back when the path grows perilous.  Although, that could also be because you're often a little more prepared than most for what lies in wait.
Prerequisites: Cleric level 1st, patron deity Lutharius Aelaraeluin
Benefit: Add Gather Information and Search to your list of cleric class skills.
You may also add the following spells to your cleric spell list: 1st - Instant Search (SpC 124), Weildskill, 2nd - Improvisation (SpC 121), 3rd - Ghost Lantern (CM 106), 4th - Ruin Delver's Fortune (SpC 178), 6th - Contingency

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