Northwest of Nexxian City

There is an underground hangar and bunker complex built into the side of a large mesa, in the parched badlands fifteen miles northwest of Nexxian city. This facility was fashioned and once used as a military facility, as its thick exterior blast doors, recessed into the cliff face by about fifteen feet, are reinforced and magically imbued to withstand considerable bombardment. The main pair of blast doors face southeast, and are two feet thick, and contain a honeycomb structure within a shell that is three inches thick. Two hundred feet across and six stories high, these heavy blast doors are operated by steam powered machines that draw their water from various wells that lie deep within the complex.
    Behind the main exterior blast doors, is a large hanger that extends a quarter mile into the rock. The hanger is two hundred and twenty feet across, with a vaulted ceiling reinforced by a crossing pattern of curved metal beams laid against the rock above. The spine of the ceiling above is ten stories above the floor. Built into the walls along either side of the hanger, are several access doors that lead to other hallways and rooms of the complex. Overlooking the floor of this hanger from both sides, three stories above the main floor, are railed balconies set before small windows, that feature a few sliding poles for personnel to use in dropping down to the main floor. These balconies are accessed from stairways that lead from the rooms along either side of the hanger.
    At the far end of this hanger is another set of smaller blast doors that are about sixty feet across and three stories high. These open to reveal a mobile platform, about sixty feet on a side, that is built into in an angled elevator shaft, descending at a 30° incline to stop a quarter mile farther down. This platform comes to rest in a circular receiving bay, thats about a two hundred feet across with a ceiling that is three stories high, overlooked by balconies set before small windows similar to those found in the hanger. From here various access doors lead to other rooms and spaces within the complex. The complex is well ventilated, and includes various shafts that lead to camouflaged and grated openings.
    A three lane tunnel leads away from the the back left corner of the hanger. It heads west for about a mile and a half, and exits from two sets of smaller blast doors, about two stories high and forty feet across.
    The other parts of the complex include offices, briefing rooms, interrogation rooms, secure storage rooms, weapons lockers, prison cells, vaults, kitchens with adjoining mess halls, restrooms (some with showering facilities), medical bays, workshops, laboratories, living quarters, weight rooms, shooting ranges, as well as gyms with spectator seating and adjoining locker rooms. Perpendicular to the hanger’s exterior blast doors, and set along the recessed portion of the cliff face on either side, are thick metal access doors built into the stone, that lead to long hallways eventually lead to the the various rooms on either side of the hanger.

Two devices that were the functional equivalent to the two described below, were once used to help fortify this base from intrusion. The first functioned by emanating waves of various energies that constantly reverberated outwards, crashing against the underlying fabrics of reality to an eventual waterline, and rolling back. These waves bounced off one another in such a manner as to stabilize, lock down, disrupt and cancel out certain manipulations of the various mediums that facilitated or produced the phenomena listed in the following description. The second emanated a particular energy field to which specific individuals could be attuned through a specific process and those individuals could utilize this energy field to reinforce the structure itself and the objects within, prevent fires in certain areas and to communicate with one another.
WEIRDSTONE (an interpretation using the 3.5 D&D d20 system)
These innocuous-looking, fist-sized pieces of faceted glass are among the most highly sought-after items in all of Faerûn. Mages who like their privacy and evil beings who prefer to keep their plans secret are particularly fond of these items, and they often dispatch minions or adventurers to retrieve them.
When placed upon a flat surface and activated by mental command, a weirdstone floats about 3 feet into the air, glowing and chiming softly. While active, it blocks out all of the following within a 6-mile radius (including into the air above and the ground below).
  • All extra-planar travel.
  • All divination (scrying) spells.
  • All conjuration (teleportation) spells.
  • Any spell-like, supernatural, or extraordinary abilities, psionic powers, or the like that mimic these effects.
The weirdstone hampers only effects that manifest within its area. Spells or abilities activated within the weirdstone's area that target an area outside its 6-mile radius are unaffected. For example, a wizard standing right next to a weirdstone could cast a scrying spell to spy on a creature more than 6 miles away, but she could not teleport across the room because the weirdstone blocks teleportation magic within its radius.
Strong abjuration; CL 20th; Craft Wondrous Item, dimensional lock, nondetection, creator must be at least 20th level; Price 230,000 gp.
Source:Player's Guide to Faerûn

RAISE AREA FORTY EIGHT (an interpretation using the 3.5 D&D d20 system)
Spellcraft DC: 32
Components: V, S
Casting Time: 20 minutes
Range: 30 ft.
Targets: One object
Area: 6000-ft.-radius emanation from object (capstone)
Duration: Permanent
Saving Throw: None
Spell Resistance: No
To Develop: 288,000 gp; 6 days; 11,520 XP. Seeds: mythal (DC 25). Factors: mobile effect centered on capstone (ad hoc -0 DC), increase casting time by 10 minutes (-20 DC), increase area by 5900% (+236 DC), 8d6 backlash damage (-8 DC), forty eight additional casters each contributing a 3rd-level spell (-240 DC), anroited and vanguard effects (+35 DC), One prevalent minor power (+5 DC), One prevalent medium power (+20 DC)

Upon casting this spell, the caster takes 8d6 backlash damage.
  • The following "Anroited" spell is prevented from functioning within the area: earthquake.
  • The following "Vanguard" spells can be activated at will, using a command thought as if using a magic item, by any attuned creature within the area: heightened (5th-level) augment object (CL 20th), fireward (CL 11th), hardening (CL 20th), make whole (CL 5th).
  • The followiing "Prevalent Minor Power" exists in the area: The capstone gains Acid, Cold, Electricity, Fire, Force and Sonic resistance 12 as well as an additional +6 resistance bonus on saving throws.
  • The following "Prevalent Medium Power" exists in the area: A blanket telepathic link effect covers the entire area. Any attuned creature within the area, may use this power to deliver telepathic messages to any number of other attuned creatures that are also within the area.
Attunement Ritual A: Any three attuned creatures that are willing, may concentrate for 10 minutes (DC 15) as if casting a spell, and touch a willing creature, who must then pay 500 exp to become attuned.  This ritual must occur within within this spell's area of effect.
Attunement Ritual B: Any willing creature may become attuned, by maintaining physical contact with the capstone and concentrating for 10 minutes (DC 15) as if casting a spell.  The creature must then pay 500 exp afterwards to become attuned.

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