-30,550 DR
In response to disturbing visions of the future, an aearee diviner known as Khozo Terokk spends the next few decades salvaging batrachi magics in order to construct a large portal terminus deep in the mountains under Phwiukree, capable of transporting an endless procession to any location desired.

-30,500 DR
Khozo Terokk carves out a large concealed rookery and series of vaults in the heart of the Yehimal Mountains that is later called the Dark Nest Deep.

-30,400 DR
When the Aearee-Quor press their attack upon Phwiakree and the rookeries of the Aearee-Syran after the fall of Viakoo and the Aearee-Krocaa, many aearee yet to hatch and those unable to help mount the defense, are ushered into Khozo's caverns and transported to the new refuge of Dark Nest Deep. Oread allies bound to the Star Mountains that these aearee leave behind, help destroy and bury the portal terminus, preventing their enemies from discovering where they had gone.

-28,500 DR
Having taken to a sequestered existence beneath the Yehimal Mountains where they endure the reign of dragonkind, most of the aptly named Aearee-Khozo eventually forfeit their wings altogether.

-28,000 DR
The Aearee-Khozo develop an immunity to petrification as they create the first cockatrices around this time, which they keep as pets, familiars and deterrents against invaders.

-24,700 DR
The first raptorans are created by the Aearee-Khozo around this time, to serve as liaisons with the elves and share in their success against dragonkind. Figuring they'd be more successful as allies and mentors rather than overlords, the Aearee-Khozo soon grant their creations autonomy and encourage them to populate the surface and sky about the Yehimals to fill the vaccum left in the wyrms' wake. The raptorans quickly make pacts with the elemental lords of the air to help guide and protect them.

-23,200 DR
The Aearee-Khozo and their raptoran progeny establish the new capital city of Terraglithian, built beneath the southern face of a large mountain overlooking the expanse of high hills and low mountains presently between the Phantom Pass and the Langra-Sha Glacier.

-17,500 DR
In the wake of the Sundering, a large portion of the Faerie realm becomes tied to the material plane in the form of an annual worldfall deep in the yehimals to the south of Terraglithien. Goblinoids from Faerie, quickly establish the Kingdom of Nix in the area encompassed by the worldfall.  These goblinoids soon spread northward and come into conflict with the Aearee-Khozo and raptorans, who are subsequently forced to abandon their holdings south of Terraglithien in the face of overwhelming numbers.

-15,900 DR
After the first dwarven settlements appear in the Yehimals, the Aearee-Khozo and their raptoran progeny soon form peaceful relations with them, and as the ages progress, they fend off threats against hostile goblinoids and the yak-men of Zakhara.

-14,700 DR
The first mechamancers on Toril appear among the Aearee-Khozo around this time, who create mecha constructs and imbued power suits for their warriors to wear. The methods of these mechamancers are eventually adopted by a few dwarves, who have access to the resources necessary to produce the necessary devices.

-13,500 DR
To better accommodate their growing population and that of their dwarven neighbors, the Aearee-Khozo and raptorans expand their kingdom westward, occupying the various mountain ranges that lie between the present-day Five Kingdoms. Elite units of aearee warriors donned in various mecha constructs prove effective in killing or routing any hostile creatures they encounter, while raptoran clerics and druids manipulate the weather to help conceal their movements.

-6,660 DR
The Aearee-Khozo create the bloodforges, helping them create a defensive force of golems to fend off Imaskari's imperialistic attempts to annex the lands of the Utter East, as well as to push back the goblinoid hordes from the Kingdom of Nix. The indigenous mar tribes once threatened by these forces, are left to populate the valleys and open lowlands once more.

-3,000 DR
The Aearee-Khozo assist the dwarves in building the Gate of Iron.

-339 DR
Following the fall of Mystryl at the hands of Karsus, the golem armies of the Aearee-Khozo go berserk, killing many of the Aearee-Khozo and raptorans and destroying all of their rookeries to the west before turning on one another. The bloodforges are corrupted and lost in the process, and the survivors retreat back to the Yehimals, taking with them what they can.

648 DR to 657 DR
When the nations of the Five Kingdoms of the Utter East discover the bloodforges of old, each kingdom sends legions of enchanted golems against each other, thus beginning the Bloodforge Wars.

657 DR

Scouring of the Utter East: A horde of antediluvian horrors is released upon the Five Kingdoms of the Utter East. Grand Caliph Arash bint Sanjar of Zakhara sends troops to the Five Kingdoms to eradicate the undead plague, leaving a wasteland of razed cities and rotting corpses in their wake.

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