Clockwork Spirit Vessel

This is a "very loose and liberal" interpretation of a freeform online RP character that knowingly deviates from normal D&D 3.5 guidelines.

Imbued with the knowledge and spiritual energies from dozens of skilled combat veterans, a clockwork spirit vessel appears as a wood and metal sea-going vessel with a rounded, flat-bottom hull, measuring about 80 feet long from bow to stern, and about 36 feet wide and 43 feet tall. The flat top deck is recessed into the top of the vessel's hull with a depth of 5 feet, effectively forming a retaining wall around the deck, into which shooter crenelations have been shaped.
    The vessel's four massive prop rotor systems, affixed to either side of the forward and rear hull, are 7 feet in diameter and are up to 20 feet long. When moving under its own power, these ducts produce the necessary lift and propulsion. Each of the four ducts contains two co-axial counter-rotating prop-rotors, with several blades each. Each of these prop-rotors can vary pitch collectively, in addition to cyclic pitch control. Flight maneuvers are performed by angling the ducts independently and by controlling the collective pitch of each coaxial rotor system independently of the others.
    These vessels also feature six, adroit retractable grasping legs as well, resembling the legs of an insect, that typically hold the hull of the vessel about 10 to 20 feet off the ground when walking.  Each segment of a given limb can shorten or lengthen as they function like a piston, and the limb itself can spin indefinitely in either direction, at points just above and below each armored folding joint. The grasping mechanism on the end of each limb consists of three powerful, articulated digits arranged in a radial pattern, capable of closing in against one another to form a piercing point. Its grip is steady, very firm, and very precise in the case of handling delicate objects or creatures.
    The interior compartments feature mounted ladders on every wall, as well as ceiling hooks and rungs, all intended for tying down packed gear and reaching the access doors between the compartments.  The vessel can produce unseen servants to help pack or unpack various items, or pull up or throw down rope ladders.
    A clockwork spirit vessel often prefers to communicate by using project alternate image to project the image of a humanoid figure reflective of its personality, using it to speak verbally and convey facial expressions to others.  Despite it's sentience however, a clockwork spirit vessel remains bound by the command directives given to it by its makers.
    Note: Constant spell-like abilities may only affect the creature possessing them, and remain active indefinitely until dismissed or dispelled. If dismissed or dispelled, each one can be reactivated as a swift action.
    A clockwork spirit vessel can carry 1,884,160 lbs. as a light load, 3,768,320 lbs. as a medium load and 5,652,480 lbs. as a heavy load. A clockwork spirit vessel cannot fly with more than a light load. A clockwork spirit vessel itself only weighs about 500,000 lbs., due to its light construction materials. As usual, a creature's own weight does not count against its encumbrance.

N Colossal+ Construct
Init +13; Senses blindsight 500 ft., tremorsense 500 ft., darkvision 1000 ft.,
    battlemagic perception, ebon eyes, superior low-light vision,
    superior darkvision, detect magic, true seeing, All-Around Vision,
    moment of insight, steadfast perception, Farsight,
    Lifesense, Mindsight; Listen +40, Spot +50;
Languages Common, Gnome, Auran, Aquan, Draconic, Sylvan,
    Celestial, Infernal, Abyssal, plus up to 61 other languages;
    telepathy 1000 ft., magic mouth, enlarged summoning wind,
    enlarged extended project alternate image, tongues;

AC 55, touch 11, flat-footed 55 (-8 size, -1 Dex, +44 natural, +10 Int);
hp 1610 (60d10+1280);
Fort +34, Ref +32, Will +32; SR 40; DR 20/adamantine and magic;
Defensive Abilities AC Bonus, Augmented and Reinforced,
    Evasion, Mettle, Fast Healing 1;
Immune construct traits, blindness, deafness,
    involuntary polymorph effects, petrification;
Resist acid 30, cold 30, electricity 30, fire 30, sonic 30;

Speed 120 ft., climb 100 ft., fly 520 ft. (good), swim 150 ft.;
Typical Standard Melee unarmed strike +64 (16d6+16d8+42/19-20)
    and "snap kick" +64 (16d6+16d8+14/19-20);
Full Melee unarmed strikes +66/+61/+56/+51 (16d6+16d8+42/19-20)
    and 2 slams +66/+61/+56 (16d8+28/19-20);
Full Ranged thrown objects +65/+60/+55/+50 (damage varies, see text);
Space 50 ft.; Reach 50 ft.;
Base Atk +45; Grp +93;
Special Attacks Improved Grab, Sneak Attack +1d6,
    Trample or Crush (DC 48, 16d8+42), Vorpal Hatch;
Psi-Like Abilities (ML 30th)
    Constant—adapt body, dispelling buffer,
        moment of insight, steadfast perception;
    At Will—extended breathless, know direction and location;
    1/minute—adrenaline boost, deflection field,
        hustle, power claws, propelled hurling,
        restore extremity (self only, old extremity immediately disappears);
Spell-Like Abilities (CL 30th, all heightened to at least 5th level)
    Constant (Interior only)—airy water, faerie fire,
        mage's private sanctum, zone of respite;
    Constant—battlemagic perception, comprehend languages,
        dance of the unicorn, detect magic, ebon eyes, forestfold, nondetection,
        read magic, submerge ship, superior darkvision, tongues, true seeing;
    At Will—extended air breathing, extended candlelight,
        extended ease of breath, extended endure elements,
        enlarged extended featherfall, extended ghost lantern,
        extended interplanar telepathic bond, extended light,
        magic mouth (self only), make whole,
        extended enlarged twinned mass unseen servant, mystic aegis,
        planar navigation, extended enlarged planar tolerance,
        enlarged extended project alternate image (one at a time),
        enlarged quench (DC 25), extended resist planar alignment,
        twinned resurgence (self only), extended sea legs,
        sending (as a standard action), enlarged extended mass shield other,
        enlarged summoning wind (as a standard action),
        extended sustain, extended enlarged greater status,
        extended transformation of the deeps,
        extended enlarged twinned unseen crafter;
    1/minute—blood wind (self only);
Maneuvers and Stances Known (IL 30th)
—assassin's stance (3rd), aura of chaos (6th), aura of perfect order (6th),
        blood in the water (1st), child of shadow (1st), iron guard's glare (1st),
        leading the charge (1st), pearl of black doubt (3rd), press the advantage (5th),
        punishing stance (1st), roots of the mountain (3rd), stance of alacrity (8th),
        swarm tactics (8th), thicket of blades (3rd), wolf pack tactics (8th);
    Strikes—adamantine hurricane (8th), avalanche of blades (7th),
        ancient mountain hammer (7th), crushing vice (6th),
        dazing strike (DC 43, 5th), death from above (4th), desert tempest (6th),
        diamond nightmare blade (8th), disarming strike (2nd),
        disrupting blow (DC 43, 5th), emerald razor (2nd), finishing move (7th),
        foehammer (2nd), irresistable mountain strike (DC 44, 6th),
        leading the attack (1st), lightning throw (8th),
        mountain tombstone strike (9th), pouncing charge (5th),
        steel wind (1st), swarming assault (7th),
        vanguard strike (1st), war leader's charge (6th),
        white raven hammer (8th), white raven strike (4th);
    Counters—action before thought (2nd), diamond defense (8th),
        electric riposte (2nd), fire riposte (2nd), frost riposte (2nd),
        fool's strike (8th), iron heart focus (6th), lightning recovery (4th),
        mind over body (3rd), moment of perfect mind (1st), rapid counter (5th),
        thunder riposte (2nd), wall of blades (2nd), zephyr dance (3rd);
    Boostscacophonic blade (7th), coruscating blade (7th),
        cryokinetic blade (7th), covering strike (4th),  girallon windmill flesh rip (8th),
        inferno blade (7th), iron heart endurance (6th), moment of alacrity (6th),
        quicksilver motion (7th), raging mongoose (8th), white raven tactics (3rd);
    Other—iron heart surge (3rd), order forged from chaos (6th);

Str 66, Dex 9, Con —, Int 30, Wis 15, Cha 15
Feats Allied Defense, Combat Expertise, Defensive Sweep, Deadly Defense,
    Distracting Attack, Diving Charge, Imperious Command,
    Improved Combat Expertise, Improved Critical (slam),
    Improved Critical (unarmed), Improved Disarm, Improved Feint,
    Improved Grapple, Improved Initiative, Improved Sunder,
    Improved Trip, Keen Intellect, Master Linguist, Stand Still,
    Weapon Focus (unarmed), Weapon Focus (slam);
Bonus Feats Alertness, Appraise Magic Value, Aquatic Shot, Arcane Mastery,
    Area Attack, Astral Tracking, Balanced Strength, Beast Strike, Blind-Fight,
    Brutal Throw, Cleave, Combat Panache, Combat Engineer, Daunting Presence,
    Deft Strike, Distant Charge, Divine Denial, Earthquake Stomp, Far Shot,
    Ghost Attack, Goad, Great Cleave, Great Fortitude, Greater Kiai Shout,
    Greater Powerful Charge, Grenadier, Hammer Fist, Hefted Hurling,
    Improved Bull Rush, Improved Multiattack, Improved Multigrab,
    Improved Natural Weapon (slam), Improved Natural Weapon (unarmed),
    Improved Rapidstrike (slam), Improved Unarmed Strike, Insightful Reflexes,
    Intimidating Strike, Iron Will, Keen-Eared Scout, Kiai Shout, Knockback,
    Knowledge Devotion, Kung-Fu Genius, Lifesense, Lightning Reflexes,
    Mental Juggernaut, Mindsight, Multiattack, Multigrab, Naturalized Denizen,
    Occult Opportunist, Pack Feint, Pack Tactics, Point Blank Shot, Power Attack,
    Power Throw, Power Lunge, Precise Shot, Precise Swing, Psionic Meditiation,
    Rapidstrike (slam), Quick Draw, Quick Reconnoiter, Resounding Blow,
    Roundabout Kick, Run, Sense Weakness, Shock Trooper,
    Skill Focus (listen), Snap Kick, Stamp, Staggering Blow, Staggering Critical,
    Staggering Strike, Steady Concentration, Subduing Strike,
    Superior Unarmed Strike, Suprising Riposte, Telling Blow,
    Throw Anything, Thunderclap, Track, Urban Tracking, Vengeful Surge,
    Versatile Unarmed Strike, Veteran Knowledge, Wild Talent;
Optional Pathfinder Bonus Feats Antagonize, Bloody Assault, Bullseye Shot,
    Charging Hurler, Chokehold, Clustered Shots, Dazzling Display,
    Deadly Finish, Enforcer, Greater Blind-Fight,
    Greater Bull Rush, Greater Feint, Greater Sunder, Hero's Display,
    Improved Blind-Fight, Improved Charging Hurler, Intimidating Prowess,
    Moonlight Stalker, Moonlight Stalker Feint,
    Shadow Strike, Shatter Defenses, Two-Handed Thrower;
Skill Tricks Collector of Stories, Group Fake-Out, Healing Hands,
    Listen To This, Magical Appraisal, Never Outnumbered, Point it Out,
    Social Recovery, Timely Misdirection;
Skills Appraise +30, Balance +20, Bluff +40, Climb +36, Craft (shipbuilding) +40,
    Concentration +65, Diplomacy +30, Decipher Script +15,
    Disable Device +35, Heal +20, Hide +15 (+25 w/ forestfold),
    Gather Information +30, Intimidate +40, Jump +38,
    Knowledge (arcana, dungeoneering, planes, nature, local, religion) +36 each,
    Knowledge (architect/engineer, geography, history, nobility/royalty, psionics) +15 each,
    Listen +40, Move Silently +15 (+25 w/ forestfold), Perform (pipe organ) +10,
    Psicraft +28 (+31 w/ power stones), Search +39 (+45 w/ steadfast perception),
    Sense Motive +40, Spellcraft +28 (+32 w/ scrolls),
    Spot +44 (+50 w/ steadfast perception), Survival +30 (+32 following tracks),
    Swim +36, Tumble +15, Use Magic Device +26 (+30 w/ scrolls),
    Use Psionic Device +26 (+29 w/ power stones);
Racial Modifiers +8 Climb, +20 Concentration,
    +10 Jump, +4 Search, +4 Spot, +8 Swim;
Synergy +10 Diplomacy, +5 Disguise (acting), +4 Gather Information,
    +5 Intimidate, +2 Psicraft, +4 Spellcraft, +2 Survival;
SQ construct traits, Alternate Form, Combat Tactics, Command Directives,
    Essence Vault, Fluid Works, Interior Spaces, Ki Power, Mobile Combat,
    Partitioned Mind, Pipe Organ, Powerful Build, Reaving Strikes, Reign of Steel,
    Sense Link, Stance Mastery, Steady, Strong Slams, Trapfinding;

A clockwork spirit vessel's natural weapons, unarmed strikes and special attacks overcome adamantine and magic forms of damage reduction.
AC Bonus (Ex): A clockwork spirit vessel may add its Intelligence bonus to Armor Class, so long as it is unencumbered, and wears light or no armor. This bonus to AC applies even against touch attacks or when it is flat-footed. However, it loses this bonus when it is immobilized or helpless.
All-Around Vision (Ex): A clockwork spirit vessel cannot be flanked. It can even see into its own Interior Spaces. However, it also suffers a -4 penalty to saves against gaze attacks.
Alternate Form (Su): A clockwork spirit vessel can assume the form of a medium-sized humanoid-shaped automaton (6'5" and 300 lbs.) as a standard action using the primary portion of its Partitioned Mind. This ability functions similar to the Alter Self spell with a caster level equal to that of its spell-like abilities, except the vessel retains all of its senses, abilities and normal construct traits in its new form, while it loses the following: Essence Vault, Fluid Works, Interior Spaces, Pipe Organ, Steady, Thrown Objects, Trample or Crush and Vorpal Hatch.
    In its alternate form, the vessel gains the Powerful Build ability described in this summary, and it can speak and consume potions in a humanoid manner. It retains two natural slam attacks appropriate to its new size, each of which deals 4d8 base damage (which includes benefit of feats and the Powerful Build ability). While in this form, its Strength score is reduced by 30, its Dexterity score is increased by 12, its natural armor bonus to AC is reduced by 22, its base land speed is reduced by 60 ft., and it loses all other extraordinary movement speeds associated with its true form, and loses its racial bonus to Climb, Jump and Swim checks. Whenever a vessel in its alternate form, makes an attack using one or more manufactured weapons held in its hands, it does so in place of one or both of its corresponding natural slam attacks.
    The vessel gains the following additional bonus feats, while in its alternate form: Active Shield Defense, Backstab, Bodysnap Strike, Canny Opportunist, Combat Reflexes, Deft Opportunist, Expeditious Dodge, Extra Stunning (x10), Focused Shield, Greater Combat Reflexes, Greater Mutli-Weapon Fighting, Hold the Line, Improved Combat Reflexes, Improved Multi-Weapon Fighting, Improved Precise Shot, Improved Shield Bash, Invest Armor, Mobility, Mutli-Weapon Fighting, Multi-Weapon Opportunist, Multi-Weapon Rend, Multi-Weapon Strike, Pain Touch, Paralyzing Fists, Pharaoh's Fist, Rapid Stunning (x3), Rattlesnake Strike, Robilar's Gambit, Shield Specialization, Shield Ward, Sidestep Charge, Stunning Fist, Superior Multi-Weapon Fighting, Supreme Mutli-Weapon Fighting and Vexing Flanker.
    Optional Pathfinder Feats gained by the vessel while in its alternate form include: Combat Patrol, Disorienting Blow, Improved Two-Weapon Feint, Lightning Stance, Perfect Strike, Wind Stance.
    When assuming this form, creatures within the vessel are expelled into spaces adjacent to the vessel's new form. Any amount of gear and/or items stored within the vessel's Essence Vault and/or Interior Spaces can be subsumed, while the rest may appear properly worn, equipped and/or wielded by the vessel and ready to use in its new form, as it so chooses, with any excess items appearing at its feet and in its space. A clockwork spirit vessel retains this new form indefinitely and may dismiss it at any time as a move action, again using the primary portion of its Partitioned Mind. When it reverts back to its true form, all the gear and items in its possession, may be placed back within its Essence Vault and/or Interior Spaces in any feasible configuration. If and when a clockwork spirit vessel is destroyed while in its alternate form, it immediately reverts back to its true form, dropping all of its possessions that weren't subsumed in its space.
Augmented and Reinforced (Ex): A clockwork spirit vessel adds 20 additional hit points per HD to its maximum hit point total and has a good Fortitude save progression for its racial HD.
Combat Tactics (Ex): A clockwork spirit vessel adds is Intelligence bonus to Initiative and to the number of attacks of opportunity it can make in one round. 
Command Directives (Ex): A clockwork spirit vessel may possess a special purpose, similar to how some intelligent magic items might function, given to it during the creation process by those who pay the cost of experience towards making it. Typically this special purpose is to serve and defend a specific individual, group or organization, as well as their descendants. The specific terms of this special purpose can be as lengthy or as complicated as is necessary to ensure the cooperation and loyalty of the vessel.  The vessel can be tricked however, into following commands from an imposter posing as one of those it is obligated to serve, so long as it believes those commands won't go against its special purpose. But typically, doing so is very difficult and risky.
Essence Vault (Su): A clockwork spirit vessel has the same item slots as any humanoid creature, all of which are effectively located within its essence vault. A clockwork spirit vessel can utilize any magical items that are placed within this vault, centered behind the forward wall of its upper interior compartment.
    The pair of doors to this vault open outward from a section of the wall, measuring 10 feet across and 15 feet high. There are ladders mounted on these doors. Only the vessel itself may open (or close) these doors as a free action, and a creature cannot force its way into this vault if the vessel is unwilling, and must destroy the vessel first. When closed, a Search check (DC 45) is normally needed to find these doors.
    The space within the vault is 10 feet across, 15 feet tall and 4 feet deep. A clockwork spirit vessel may use a standard action to 'unequip' one slotted item and 'equip' another, provided both items are located within its own vault. The vessel may also use any spell completion, spell trigger and/or command activated items stored within its own vault, without need of any verbal or somatic components, using the Use Magic Device skill. The resulting effects can originate from any surface of the vessel or from any image it projects using its spell-like ability. The charge from a touch effect can be held and delivered using the vessel's unarmed strikes, natural weapons or the effect of its project alternate image spell-like ability.
Farsight (Ex): A clockwork spirit vessel has great visual acuity. It suffers only half the normal penalty on Spot checks because of distance (-1 per 20 feet of distance, rather than -1 per 10 feet). In addition, the vessel takes only half the normal penalty on ranged attacks per range increment (-1 per range increment, rather than -2).
Fluid Works (Ex): Centered just behind its dorsal hatch on the top deck, and centered on the side wall of each compartment, are small access panels that only the clockwork spirit vessel itself can slide open (and closed) as a free or immediate action. Each of these panels (search DC 45) open to reveal a recessed suction port, any number of which can be manipulated by the vessel as a free or immediate action.
  A magic potion taken in by the vessel using one of its suction ports, subsequently affects the vessel as any other creature of its type might be affected. Other fluids taken in are simply expelled with no effect.
Improved Grab (Ex): To use this ability, a clockwork spirit vessel must hit a creature with a slam attack or unarmed strike. It can then attempt to start a grapple with that creature as a free action without provoking an attack of opportunity.
Interior Spaces (Ex): Within a clockwork spirit vessel are two compartments, one above the other. Each of them are 15 feet high, 30 feet wide and 50 feet long, although where the floor meets the wall along the sides of the lower compartment curve somewhat with the shape of the hull. A creature may board the vessel from either its central ventral or central dorsal hatch, each of which is a circular metal iris that the construct can open (or close) to any size, up to a diameter of 20 feet, as a free action. The vessel itself, can assist in loading gear and passengers, using its legs to grasp and lift them up into the central ventral hatch while it is open, or the top deck, typically as a move action.
    A creature can travel between the two compartments by using the wall-mounted ladders that cover every interior wall, and opening a set pair of access doors in any given corner. Each set pair of access doors swing open upward to create an opening 10 feet on a side. A creature cannot force its way into the vessel if it is fully closed and unwilling, and must destroy it first. When fully closed, these compartments remain air tight, but fresh air (or water) is continually provided by the construct itself.  Alternatively, a clockwork spirit vessel can, as a free action, shut its hatches and suck the air (or water) out of one or both of its interior compartments, suffocating those within the resulting vacuum.  This is typically done to rid itself of unwanted occupants. Each creature trapped inside must deal 150 points of damage to escape, at which point the hull immediately reseals itself.  Each creature must make its own way out.
    Creatures riding inside either of these compartments have cover and concealment against attacks from creatures outside the vessel when that compartment's exterior hatch is open.  When all the hatches and doors to one compartment are closed, the creatures inside it gain total cover and concealment against attacks from creatures outside. Opening or closing or adjusting the size of any hatch is a free action for the construct.  Occupants can make ranged attacks from within, through an open hatch.
    The destruction (or death) of a clockwork spirit vessel does not compromise the cover or concealment of any creature trapped inside its hull. Any creature trapped may physically break out of the destroyed vessel, each 10-ft section of which is treated as an object with 12 hardness and 150 hit points, made of darkwood and mithril.
Ki Power (Su): A clockwork spirit vessel can channel its ki to manifest special powers. It can use its ki powers a number of times per day equal to one-half its racial HD (minimum 1) plus its Wisdom bonus (if any). These Ki powers can be used only if the vessel is wearing light or no armor and is unencumbered.
    As long as a its ki pool isn’t empty (that is, as long as it has at least one daily use remaining), the vessel gains a +2 bonus on its Will saves, and may add its Wisdom bonus to Fortitude saves. (not figured in stats above)
    Martial Renewal: Once per round as a standard action, a clockwork spirit vessel may expend one daily use of its Ki power to recover any single expended martial maneuver it knows.
Maneuvers and Stances Known (Ex): A clockwork spirit vessel begins each encounter with all maneuvers it knows readied, and may use each of them once. To recover all expended maneuvers, it must refrain from making attacks of any kind for 1 minute.
Mobile Combat (Ex): A clockwork spirit vessel may take a standard action at any point during a move action, provided that both actions each count against those it may take in any given round.
Partitioned Mind (Ex): The mind of a clockwork spirit vessel is divided into two linked, yet autonomous parts, similar to the effect of the schism power, except the secondary portion of its mind may take same amount of (purely mental) actions each turn as its counterpart. This secondary portion takes no penalty when utilizing (and directing) the vessel's spell-like and psi-like abilities, or when initiating maneuvers that don't require or result in the physical movement or manipulation of the vessel's body.
Pipe Organ (Ex): Built into the clockwork spirit vessel is an elaborate masterwork pipe organ, the keys and pedals for which are centered on the rear wall of the upper interior compartment. There are no wall-mounted ladders on this portion of the wall, which is 10 feet across and 15 feet high.  Anyone playing this organ receives a +2 circumstance bonus on Perform checks. Creatures with bardic music abilities, can use this organ to utilize their abilities, affecting those on the inside and outside the vessel. When played, the various tubes open small valves located on the vessel's exterior hull, on its stern. This pipe organ has its own air supply, and works normally underwater.  The vessel can play its own pipe organ at will, requiring no action to do so.
Powerful Build (Ex): A clockwork spirit vessel in its Alternate Form, functions in many ways, as a creature one size larger than it actually is. The damage dealt by its natural weapons and unarmed strikes all increase by one step, and it may wield weapons meant for creatures one size larger, at no penalty. It may also treat itself as one size larger with regard to opposed checks or abilities that function based on size, whenever it proves advantageous. In addition, the vessel's encumbrance limits are increased by 50%.
Reaving Strikes (Ex): The natural weapons and unarmed strikes of a clockwork spirit vessel, overcome damage reduction based on any type of metallic material.
Reign of Steel (Ex): Enemies treat the area threatened by a clockwork spirit vessel as difficult terrain.
Sense Link (Su): As long as they are both within 300 feet of one another, any among the clockwork spirit vessel's designated crew can use the vessel's senses, as if he or she were the vessel itself.  During his turn, this person can switch from using its senses to using his own, or back again, as a free action. While a creature is using the vessel's senses, its own body is considered blinded and deafened.
Stance Mastery (Ex): A clockwork spirit vessel can have two stances active simultaneously. When it uses a swift action to initiate or change its stance, it can initiate or change one or both stances.
Steady (Ex): A clockwork spirit vessel remains quite steady when moving, and for those creatures aboard the vessel, the DC of skill checks to remain standing are reduced by 10. Creatures may also apply their Ride skill instead of their Balance skill to meet the DC of such skill checks. This ability does not apply when a clockwork spirit vessel uses the Tumble skill and for 1 round afterwards.
Strong Slams (Ex): A clockwork spirit vessel always adds its full strength bonus to damage when using its slam attacks.

 Object Weight Damage¹ Range Inc.Thrown Objects (Ex): Using any of its grasping legs, a clockwork spirit vessel can throw various objects, using them as improvised weapons to deal damage to creatures or objects, based on their weight. Iterative attacks are limited by the number of objects within reach.

(1) A sharp object deals damage as an object of twice its weight. A soft or malleable object, such as a gourd, deals damage as an object of half its weight, and the damage is nonlethal.
(2) If an item has no weight worth noting, it doesn’t deal any damage when used as a weapon.
 Under 2 lb.² 1d3 200 ft.
2–5 lb. 1d4 190 ft.
6–10 lb. 1d6 180 ft.
11–25 lb. 1d8 170 ft.
26–50 lb. 2d6 160 ft.
51–100 lb. 3d6 150 ft.
101–200 lb. 4d6 140 ft.
201–400 lb. 5d6 130 ft.
401–800 lb. 6d6 120 ft.
801–1600 lb. 7d6 110 ft.
1601-3200 lb. 8d6 100 ft.
3201–6400 lb. 9d6 90 ft.
6400-12400 lb. 10d6 80 ft.
12400-24800 lb. 11d6 70 ft.
24800 lb.+ 12d6 60 ft.

Trample or Crush (Ex): A clockwork spirit vessel can perform a trample attack, or a crush attack equivalent to that of a dragon equal to its size. The save DC of these abilities is strength-based, with a -20 penalty.
Vorpal Hatch (Ex): A clockwork spirit vessel that starts its turn with one or more pinned opponents in its grasp that are not merely pinned by its crush attack, can open a hatch and close it upon one of them. This attack is resolved as a free action, usable once per round, and is treated as a natural weapon. This attack deals an amount of slashing damage equal to that dealt by the vessel's trample or crush attack damage. If this attack hits, it automatically threatens a critical hit with a (x4) modifier.  Alternatively, a clockwork sprit vessel can ready an action to close a hatch upon an unwelcome creature trying to pass through it, which is resolved in the same way.

The main hull of a clockwork spirit vessel typically measures 80 feet long from bow to stern, and is up to 36 feet wide and 43 feet tall, with a flat top deck recessed into the top of it, to a depth of 5 feet, effectively forming a retaining wall around the deck which also includes archer crenelations. Its four rotor duct assemblies are each 7 feet in diameter and are up to 20 feet long. Its body is crafted of equal portions darkwood and mithral. The materials for its body cost 600,000 gp. Creating the body requires a DC 30 Craft (shipbuilding) check. A clockwork spirit vessel with more than 60 Hit Dice can be created, but each additional Hit Die adds 10,000 gp to the cost to create.
CL 30th; Craft Construct, Craft Epic Arms and Armor, Enlarge Spell, Extend Spell, Heighten Spell, Twin Spell; air breathing, airy water, alter self, augment object, battlemagic perception, blood wind, candlelight, comprehend languages, dance of the unicorn, deathwatch, detect magic, dimensional anchor, divine power, ease of breath, ebon eyes, endure elements, faerie fire, fear, featherfall, forestfold, greater levitate, hardening, heroics, interplanar telepathic bond, legend lore, light, limited wish, mage's private sanctum, magic mouth, make whole, mass unseen servant, mystic aegis, nondetection, planar navigation, planar tolerance, project alternate image, quench, resist energy, resist planar alignment, resurgence, sea legs, sending, shield other, greater status, submerge ship, superior darkvision, sustain, tongues, transformation of the deeps, true seeing, unseen crafter, whispering wind, zone of respite; Price 2,525,000; Cost 962,500 gp + 29,300 XP.
    Special Crafting Component: Substantial samples (examples include a pint of blood, a head of hair with a set of nail clippings, a reptilian's entire shed skin, etc.) from at least sixty different combat veterans with a collective base attack bonus of +600 from class levels alone. Ten of those veterans must each have a base attack bonus of at least +15 from class levels alone.

Clockwork spirit vessels are typically encountered in and around the islands of Lantan, built and imbued by the gnomes and humans that live there. Most vessels that exist today serve the interests of the Lantanese, for purposes of exploration, trade and defense. Combat veterans from other lands are typically brought in to help provide the special crafting component needed to imbue each vessel with its martial knowledge and experiences. Searching for and retaining the services of such individuals can be a considerable undertaking and noteworthy expenditure. Alternatively, during times of great conflict, battlefields may be picked over for the necessary samples.

Below are some spell descriptions included for reference.

Project Alternate Image
Illusion (Shadow)
Level: Sor/Wiz 7
Components: V
Casting Time: 1 standard action
Range: Long (400 ft. + 40 ft./level)
Effect: One shadow image
Duration: 1 hour/level (D)
Saving Throw: Will disbelief (if interacted with)
Spell Resistance: No

As project image, except the shadow image can have the form of any creature, including your own, as visualized by you while casting.

( Spell source found here. )

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