Lavender City Justice

Criminals and prisoners within Lavender City, are kept confined in three jail systems, deep in its undercity. They are assigned to one of the three systems based on the severity of their crime(s). All of them have a variety of curses laid upon them.

Greater curses using bestow greater curse typically include the following:
  • The target cannot cast spells, use spell-like abilities, or activate spell completion or spell trigger items.
  • One of the target's attack options is lost (such as a dragon's breath weapon or a medusa's petrifying gaze attack.)
  • The target loses a class ability, such as spellcasting, sneak attack damage, or barbarian rage. If this class ability is a prerequiste for other abilites or feats, the target loses the use of those feats as well.
Standard curses using bestow curse typically include the following:
  • The target loses access to the vanguard spells of Myth Lavender.
  • The target's spell resistance is reduced by 5.
  • The target becomes unable to tell a lie. He or she may, however, choose to avoid answering a question in order to avoid telling the truth.
A list of curses can be found here:

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