Travel to Lavender City

Lavender City's flat topside typically hovers at an elevation of about 11 miles, and can be reached by any flying creature within about 14 miles of the city thanks to the effects of the Holocene Locale epic spell (see below) cast upon various objects within the city. Most of the time, a means of instantaneous extraplanar transportation, may be used to arrive anywhere at least one mile away from the city's center. However, if the city is locked down by means of a weirdstone (see below), then the point of arrival must exceed 6 miles from the city's center.

Evocation [Air, Cold, Electricity, Fire, Water]
Spellcraft DC: 25
Components: Ritual
Casting Time: 11 minutes
Range: 750 ft.
Target: One object 
Area: 15-mile-radius emanation centered on target object
Duration: Permanent
Saving Throw: None
Spell Resistance: No
To Develop: 225,000 gp; 5 days; 9,000 XP; Seeds: conjure (DC 21), energy [weather] (DC 25). Factors: increase area by 650% (+26 DC), area centered on target object within 300 ft. (ad hoc +20 DC), dispelling resistance (+310 DC), increase range by 150% (+3 DC), no verbal or somatic component (+4 DC), permanent (x5).
Mitigating Factors: one hundred additional casters each contributing a 6th-level spell slot and suffering 9d6 backlash damage (-2000 DC), increase casting time by 10 minutes (-20 DC).

    This is a ritual spell requiring 100 additional spellcasters, each of which must contribute an unused 6th-level spell slot to the casting and suffer 9d6 backlash damage when the casting is complete. Any dispel checks made against this spell suffer a -155 penalty.
    While this spell is in effect, ambient temperatures within the area are brought within a range of 25° to 95° F, but only when they would otherwise fall outside it. Cold snaps and heat waves are neutralized within the area. In addition, naturally occurring wind speeds in the area never rise above 20 mph (moderate) and the humidity of any air in the area never falls below 1%.
    The spell also eliminates any absence or lack of air and atmospheric pressure within its area of effect, up to the point needed to match the ideal conditions for any single air breathing or amphibious creature in the spell's area, as chosen by the caster at the time of casting. This effect of the spell is additive only, and may never reduce the naturally occurring amount of air or atmospheric pressure found anywhere. If no air breathing creature is chosen or present within the area at the time of casting, then the amount of air and atmospheric pressure remain unaffected by this spell.
    The changes wrought by this spell manifest themselves immediately, and move with the area of the effect. Unattended quantities of air and water created by this spell cease to exist beyond its area of effect.

These innocuous-looking, fist-sized pieces of faceted glass are among the most highly sought-after items in all of Faerûn. Mages who like their privacy and evil beings who prefer to keep their plans secret are particularly fond of these items, and they often dispatch minions or adventurers to retrieve them.
When placed upon a flat surface and activated by mental command, a weirdstone floats about 3 feet into the air, glowing and chiming softly. While active, it blocks out all of the following within a 6-mile radius (including into the air above and the ground below).
  • All extra-planar travel.
  • All divination (scrying) spells.
  • All conjuration (teleportation) spells.
  • Any spell-like, supernatural, or extraordinary abilities, psionic powers, or the like that mimic these effects.
The weirdstone hampers only effects that manifest within its area. Spells or abilities activated within the weirdstone's area that target an area outside its 6-mile radius are unaffected. For example, a wizard standing right next to a weirdstone could cast a scrying spell to spy on a creature more than 6 miles away, but she could not teleport across the room because the weirdstone blocks teleportation magic within its radius.
Strong abjuration; CL 20th; Craft Wondrous Item, dimensional lock, nondetection, creator must be at least 20th level; Price 230,000 gp.
Source:Player's Guide to Faerûn

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