Northwest of Westervale

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Most of the dwarves and gnomes to the northwest of Westervale, live and operate in a varied assortment of kingdoms* and citadels* belonging to a federation known as the Echoshaft Enclaves, which encompass most of the region called the Wyrmwatch Mountains. It is within these mountains that the Bloodscar Canyon marks the sources of its water and from where it flows, west to east. These mountains are rich with various minerals and ore, and as a result, the wealth of this federation is beyond considerable, despite the threats* posed to them by various dragons, giants and denizens of the deep earth.
    These enclaves, on occasion, have financed groups of planar explorers, to venture forth and collect knowledge, scout for new ideas for innovation and advancement, and establish trade with other organizations and civilizations. Well over a year past, one such crew of planar explorers, happened upon the cosmologically distant world of Toril.  While visiting that world, they heard mention of an advanced island nation of gnomes and men known as Lantan.  They made a point of visiting that nation, and for several weeks they treated and traded with them, whilst bearing witness to many feats of extraordinary craftsmanship and ingenuity.  Eventually, they were able to negotiate with the Lantanese, agreeing to deliver them various raw materials from deep within the Wyrmwatch Mountains of their homeland, in exchange for the expertise and knowledge required to build many of the same devices and constructs they had seen during their visit.
    And so it was, that a few skilled artificers from Lantan journeyed back to the Echoshaft Enclaves to direct their craftsman in the task of building and imbuing a mighty, plane-shifting vessel that would help facilitate trade between them.  This was the first clockwork spirit vessel to be built within the world of Westervale, and was constructed in a large and quite secure demiplane created by a couple of enclave arcanists.  The vessel took three seasons to complete and was called, the "Avalanche".
    Presently, after having made several deliveries of valuable ore and precious stones from the Echoshaft Enclaves to Lantan, the Avalanche itself is being utilized to craft a second vessel of its kind in the demiplane that was used last time. With its help, the process of crafting this new vessel prior to imbuing it, promises to be completed much more swiftly, so long as the supply of darkwood lumber and mithril ingots remains steady....

Quest Opportunity: Would be adventurers may report to Master Foreman Athek Underblast in Rimemist Hall to clear and reclaim the major mithril mine under nearby Iceglimmer Spire, in the northern reaches of the Wyrmwatch Mountains. Without the mithril from this mine, work on the HammerFist will be noticeably slower. The threat is unknown, as many workers and wardens have simply turned up missing, and it is unknown if they yet live. Divinations have turned up some useful information, such as areas where violence occured and where malign magic was used, and these areas have thus far been marked on the most recent maps of the mines. These maps however, don't detail the newest shafts and tunnels.
    Adventuerers will be provided the necessary supplies and rations for this endeavor, as well as some magical assistance to help keep track of their position and condition. The compensation is negotiable and will vary based on the how much of this mine is ultimately reclaimed and how many participate in doing so. Anything from currency, crafting services, trade goods and magical items are available to those who succeed. (Mods are welcome to formulate and narrate the NPCs for this quest.)

There are at least three relatively large monastic temples* hidden high in the Wyrmwatch Mountains, where the air is thin to make training and exercises more effective. Each of them are filled with many dozens of martial monks, mystics and priests of consisting of varied humanoid races.  These temples are so named, the Palace of the Iron Lotus, the Temple of High Heavens and Reflection's Redoubt.  They each have a few of their own distinct styles, and are fierce rivals, but only in the spirit of competition. Occasionally these warriors will journey to neighboring lands, offering their way of life to those that show an aptitude for or a dispostition towards the martial arts and their various philosophies.

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