This is a draft of Penance as a unique "variable half-fiend" outsider, without using class levels. The psionic powers, psi-like abilities and some of the spell-like abilities represent a use of Ki, while others represent actual magic casting ability.  The chaos, entropy and magical writing themed spell-like abilities, as well as the arcane dilettante spell-like abilities, represent the latter.

This is a "very loose and liberal" interpretation of a freeform online RP character that knowingly deviates from normal D&D 3.5 guidelines.

Note: Constant spell-like abilities may only affect the creature possessing them, and remain active indefinitely until dismissed or dispelled. If dismissed or dispelled, each one can be reactivated as a swift action.

PENANCE CR 30 (not all gear included yet)
Unique CN Medium Outsider (Native)
Init +41 (+7 from gear); Senses blindsight 60 ft., tremorsense 60 ft.,
    darkvision 120 ft., superior low-light vision, see in darkness,
    Mindsight, Listen +34, Spot +45;
Languages Common, Undercommon, Abyssal, Infernal, Celestial,
    Draconic, Giant, Ignan, Terran, Auran, Aquan, Sylvan, Elven,
    Gnome, Dwarven, plus 2 more; telepathy 120 ft.;

AC 39, touch 38, flat-footed 39 (+8 armor, +5 Dex, +1 natural, +15 Int);
hp 375 (30d8+240);
Fort +24, Ref +32, Will +32; SR 45 (+5 from gear); DR 15/cold iron and lawful;
Defensive Abilities AC Bonus, Evasion, Mettle,
    Uncanny Dodge, Regeneration 1, Fast Healing 3;
Immune electricity, poison; Resist acid 15, cold 15, fire 15;

Speed 80 ft. fly 150 ft (good), swim 60 ft.;
Typical Standard Melee unarmed strike +35 (4d6+16, see gear)
    and "snap kick" +35 (4d6+16, see gear);
Full Melee unarmed strike +37/+32/+27/+22 (4d6+16, see gear)
    and 2 claws +36/+31/+26 (1d6+15);
Space 5 ft.; Reach 5 ft.;
Base Atk +30; Grp +46;
Special Attacks Sneak Attack +3d6, Skirmish +1d6;
Psi-like Abilities (ML 30th)
    Constant—dispelling buffer (for effects generated by Penanace only);
Psion Powers Known (493 pp, ML 30th, "energy" powers use electricity only)
    1st—catfall, conceal thoughts, deflection field, detect psionics,
        dimension hop, energy ray, mighty spring, defensive precognition,
        propelled hurling, slow breathing, thicken skin;
    2nd—body equilibrium, energy emanation, energy stun,
        moment of insight, power claws, stygian erasure,
        sustenance, tongues, wall walker;
    3rd—body purification, breathless (self only), energy bolt,
        energy burst, energy cone, energy lance, hustle,
        mental barrier, psionic blast, telekinetic thrust;
    4th—air walk (as the spell), energy adaptation, energy ball,
        energy flash, psionic freedom of movement,
        superior magic fang (as the spell), steadfast perception,
        stygian ward (self only);
    5th—adapt body, psionic true seeing;
    6th—concussive detonation, energy barrage,
        personal mind blank, psionic disintegrate;
    7th—energy wave;
    8th—chaos fissure;
    9th—tornado blast;
Spell-like Abilities (CL 30th, all heightened to 9th level)
    Constant—insightful feint, protection from law;
    At will—open greater chakra;
    1/minute—blood wind (self only)resurgence (self only), wraithstrike;
    3/day—chaos hammer (DC 34), dispel law (DC 34);
    1/day—black blade of disaster (DC 34), elder glyph of warding (DC 34),
        elder sign of sealing (DC 34), maw of chaos (DC 34),
        sphere of of ultimate destruction (DC 34);
Maneuvers and Stances Known (IL 30th)
—child of shadow (1st), iron guard's glare (1st),
        punishing stance (1st), stance of alacrity (8th);
    Strikes—adamantine hurricane (8th), avalanche of blades (7th),
        dazing strike (DC 30, 5th), death from above (4th), desert tempest (6th),
        disarming strike (2nd), disrupting blow (DC 30, 5th), emerald razor (2nd),
        finishing move (7th), foehammer (2nd), leading the attack (1st),
        pouncing charge (5th), steel wind (1st), vanguard strike (1st),
        white raven hammer (8th), white raven strike (4th);
    Counters—action before thought (2nd), diamond defense (8th),
        fool's strike (8th), iron heart focus (6th), lightning recovery (4th),
        mind over body (3rd), moment of perfect mind (1st),
        rapid counter (5th), zephyr dance (3rd);
    Boosts—covering strike (4th), iron heart endurance (6th),
        moment of alacrity (6th), quicksilver motion (7th);
    Other—iron heart surge (3rd);
Typical Arcane Dilettante Spell-Like Abilities Prepared (CL 30th)
    6th—antimagic field, false sending, greater anticipate teleport,
        greater resistance, extended investiture of the orthon,
        extended resonating resistance, enlarged teleport;
    7th—plane shift

Str 13, Dex 20, Con 25, Int 40, Wis 13, Cha 16
Feats Combat Expertise, Improved Combat Expertise, Insightful Reflexes,
    Keen Intellect, Kung-fu Genius, Extend Power
    Way of the Scorpion, Versatile Unarmed Strike;
Bonus Feats Track, Run, Urban Tracking, Agile Athlete, Tactile Trapsmith,
    Improved Unarmed Strike, Superior Unarmed Strike, Beast Strike, Snap Kick,
    Blind-Fight, Multiattack, Improved Multiattack, Rapidstraike (claws),
    Improved Rapidstrike (claws), Mindsight, Subduing Strike,
    Improved Natural Weapon (claws), Improved Natural Weapon (unarmed),
    Power Attack, Clever Wrestling, Imperious Command, Improved Feint,
    Improved Toughness, Quick Recovery, Darkstalker, Point Blank Shot, Far Shot,
    Precise Shot, Knowledge Devotion,
    Ghost Attack, Overchannel, Psionic Meditation;
Epic Feats Combat Insight, Epic Prowess, Fast Healing
Skill Tricks Group Fake Out, Never Outnumbered
Skills Appraise +30, Bluff +35 (+45 with insightful feint), Climb +25,
    Balance +39, Concentration +40, Craft (weaponsmithing) +20,
    Decipher Script +25, Disable Device +35, Disguise +30,
    Diplomacy +35, Escape Artist +36, Forgery +25,
    Handle Animal +30, Heal +30, Hide +60, Gather Information +36,
    Intimidate +35, Jump +30, Knowledge (any 6) +36 each,
    Knowledge (any 5) +20 each, Listen +34, Move Silently +60, Psicraft +35,
    Ride +30, Search +40, Sense Motive +45, Spellcraft +35, Spot +45,
    Survival +35 (+36 when following tracks), Swim +33, Tumble +53,
    Use Magic Device +36;
Synergy +4 Balance, +9 Diplomacy, +4 Disguise (acting), +3 Gather Information,
    +4 Intimidate, +4 Jump, +2 Psicraft, +4 Ride, +3 Spellcraft, +2 Survival;
    +3 Tumble, +5 Use Magic Device (scrolls)
Racial +2 Balance, +8 Swim
Magic Gear +15 Hide, +15 Move Silently
SQ Brains Over Brawn, Human Form, Insightful Strike, Ki Power, Trapfinding

Penance's natural and weapon attacks overcome damage reduction as if chaotic and made of cold iron.
AC Bonus (Ex): Penance may add her Intelligence bonus to Armor Class, so long as she is unencumbered and is wearing light or no armor. This bonus to AC applies even against touch attacks or when she is flat-footed. However, she loses this bonus when she is immobilized or helpless.
Arcane Dilettante (Sp): Penance has a unique understanding of magic, and can mimic spells as a spell-like abilities.
    At the start of each day, she may choose up to 8 spells from the sorcerer/wizard spell list. The maximum level of spell she can use is 7. She can select any sorcerer/wizard spell up to that level, but can prepare only one spell of that maximum level. Her caster level equals her Hit Dice. The DC for a saving throw against these spells are intelligence based.
    Once she has cast a particular spell, she cannot use it again until she has have rested for 8 hours. After resting for this time, she can choose new spells and lose any unused spells from the previous day, though she can select the same spell on consecutive days. She cannot prepare the same spell multiple times to use it more than once during the same day. She cannot use spells that require an XP cost.
    If she wishes to enhance a spell with a metamagic feat, she must apply the feat when she prepares the spell. In addition, she must be capable of using a spell of the modified spell’s level.
Brains over Brawn (Ex): Penance gains her Intelligence bonus as a modiļ¬er on Strength checks, Dexterity checks, and checks involving skills based on Strength or Dexterity, such as Hide, Climb, and Jump.
Human Form (Su): Penance may assume a single specific human form as a full-round action. She can dismiss this form as a free or immediate action. She retains her physical ability scores while in this form, but loses all extraordinary attack forms, natural armor, movement speeds and racial bonuses that rely on her normal fiendish anatomy. She retains her 80 ft. land speed in this form.
Insightful Strike (Ex): Penance is able to place her finesse attacks where they deal greater damage. She applies her Intelligence bonus (if any) as a bonus on damage rolls (in addition to any Strength bonus she may have) with any light weapon, as well as any other weapon that can be used with Weapon Finesse, such as a rapier, whip, or spiked chain. Targets immune to sneak attacks or critical hits are immune to her insightful strike. She cannot use this ability when wearing medium or heavy armor or when carrying a medium or heavy load.
Ki Power (Su): Penance can channel her ki to manifest special powers. She can use her ki powers a number of times per day equal to one-half her HD (minimum 1) plus her Wisdom bonus (if any). These Ki powers can be used only if Penance is wearing light or no armor and is unencumbered.
As long as a her ki pool isn’t empty (that is, as long as it has at least one daily use remaining), Penance gains a +2 bonus on its Will saves. (not figured in stats above)
    Martial Renewal: Once per round as a standard action, Penance may expend one daily use of her Ki power to recover any single expended martial maneuver she knows.
Maneuvers and Stances Known (Ex): Penance starts each encounter with all the maneuvers she knows readied. For maneuvers that feature a saving throw based on strength, she may use her intelligence instead.  She may recover the use of all expended maneuvers by resting for 2 minutes.
Regeneration (Ex): Penance takes lethal damage from lawful weapons and spells and effects with the lawful descriptor. She can otherwise regrow a lost limb in 6d4 hours, or reattach a severed limb by holding it to the stump for 1 round. If her head is separated from her torso, she dies normally.

+5 reinforced githcraft nightscale trenchcoat (+3 armor, +10 max dex)
    called = appears on body as a standard action, from anywhere on same plane
    greater silent moves = +15 competence bonus to Move Silently
    greater shadow = +15 competence bonus to Hide
    ghost ward = armor protects against touch attacks
    magic-eating = each spell saved against, heals 1 hp per spell level after it resolves
+1 bracers of striking: (made of obsidian dragonscale)
    shadow striking = overcomes damage reduction of any alignment or material
    wounding = 1 point of con damage to a living creatures harmed per hit
    magebane = +2d6 damage to spellcasters and creatures with spell-like abilities
    smoking = spews smoke about body for 20% concealment
    eager = +2 initiative and +2 damage during surprise round
    warning = +5 insight bonus to initiative
drazzik's vest (+5 to existing SR)

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