Elan Revision

Elan are not born, they are made. Living humans are selected from a pool of applicants and screened by a special elan council. Those who pass muster undergo a secret psionic process in one of several hidden elan enclaves, where they abandon their humanity for a new, psionically energized existence. Thus, elans don't reproduce biologically, but rather psionically, through a mysterious psionic ritual known only to elans. Even then, their children are usually already fully formed human adults. Nonhuman elans are never created, and it could be that the ritual simply doesn't work for any creatures that weren't originally human.

  • Elans retain the appearance, size, speed, ability scores, languages and favored class they possessed before their transformation, but lose the humanoid type and all other traits of their former base race.
  • Aberration: Despite their human appearance, elans are aberrations and thus not subject to spells and effects that affect only humanoids, such as charm person or dominate person.
  • -2 Charisma. Elans typically find themselves preoccupied with their altered state of being.
  • Low-Light Vision: An elan can see twice as far as a human in starlight, moonlight, torchlight, and similar conditions of poor illumination. She retains the ability to distinguish color and detail under these conditions.
  • Darkvision: Elan can see in the dark up to 60 feet. Darkvision is black and white only, but it is otherwise like normal sight, and elans can function just fine with no light at all.
  • Naturally Psionic: Elans gain 2 bonus power points. This benefit does not grant them the ability to manifest powers unless they gain that ability through another source, such as levels in a psionic class.
  • Resistance (Su): Elans can use psionic energy to increase their resistance to various forms of attack. As an immediate action, an elan can spend 1 power point to gain a +4 racial bonus on saving throws until the beginning of her next action.
  • Resilience (Su): When an elan takes damage, she can spend power points to reduce its severity. As an immediate action, she can reduce the damage she is about to take by 2 hit points for every 1 power point she spends.
  • Repletion (Su): An elan can sustain her body without need of food or water. If she spends 1 power point, an elan does not need to eat or drink for 24 hours.
  • Reverie: Elan do not sleep. Elans that trance for 4 hours gain the same benefit a human does from 8 hours of sleep. A creature in trance may make Listen checks with half the penalty that sleeping creatures do (normally -10 for sleeping creatures).
  • Additional Favored Class: Psion. In addition to their original favored class, a multiclass elan’s psion class does not count when determining whether he takes an experience point penalty for multiclassing.
  • Level Adjustment: +0.

Elan Height & Weight:

Elan retain the height and weight the possessed before their transformation.
Elan age according to the following progression (in years):
Adult @ 15 // Middle Aged @ 200 // Old @ 400 // Venerable @ 1,000 // No Maximum Age
Humans that undergo the process to become an elan, emerge as individuals at the start of their current age category.

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