The Imaskari Enclaves

Since the fall of the old Imaskar Empire on the world of Toril and the subsequent founding of Deep Imaskar far beneath its surface, some of the deep imaskari (revision) have been covertly scrying upon and expanding to other planets using powerful portal terminals as a means of transportation. Each of these devices are capable of establishing a two-way portal with almost any other observed or visited location that isn't properly warded or subjected to adverse magical conditions, be it on another plane or planet. The portal magic of the imaskari has its roots in the reverse engineering of ancient batrachi devices that they first discovered starting sometime between -8,100 and -8,000 DR. Upon traveling to each of these distant, often untamed worlds, the imaskari quickly established a well warded, concealed and sustained subterranean settlement for which they soon built at least one other portal terminal, eventually creating a vast network throughout the cosmos.

The imaskari arcanists always establish perpetual wards (mythals) using potent ritual magic to cover each enclave, helping sustain the populace, reinforcing the structures and protecting the area against both divination and undesired intrusion. In addition, extensive numbers of interconnected magic circles, and monoliths inscribed with powerful diagrams, are also used to the same effect.

Beneath magically altered and carefully attended bio-luminescent oak trees, potent earth nodes permeate the centers of nearly every imaskari enclave. These nodes help gather and amplify leyline energies drawn from the living subterranean depths of the host planet, as well as from the ethereal vapors and protomatter that lie along the local planar veils. Citizen spellcasters and psions alike, often train to make good use of these nodes to help them amplify and modify their capabilities.

Imaskari enclaves also use permanent extra-dimensional spaces, to expand the interior of various structures and chambers, making the most of their often limited subterranean environments. They also supplement the available space with modest demiplanes, created with controlled environments suitable for cultivating a variety of plants and livestock found throughout the cosmos.

The above summary is written for the purpose of being inserted into a typical medieval high-fantasy setting and does not account for the level of technology available with more advanced settings in which the Imaskari Enclaves might appear, or how said technology might mingle with their existing magical disciplines. Additional links regarding these enclaves can be found in the Imaskari Index.

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