Starcraft d20

Recently I've been dabbling with converting Starcraft units into stats for D&D 3.5 and have posted some of them on the Giant in the Playground forums. Any future material I draft with regards to Starcraft will return here to this blog.

So far, the protoss creatures I've made are intended to work for any setting that includes psionics and constructs, although their hit points and damage output are likely too low to compete with much of the technology available in future settings.

I figure in more advanced settings, feats and abilities can be offered to the protoss constructs representing technology upgrades and offered to the zerg as further genetic manipulation.... in order for these creatures to better compete.

For the members of the protoss race itself, like the dark templar, I figure they could just use technological items to boost their innate abilities up to a level where they can compete with futuristic weapons and forms of protection.

Some of the added feats I’ve given to these creatures reflect how the original game worked, where crowded units and obstacles typically didn't get in the way of attacks, and where units didn’t grapple one another, and so forth. I deviated from the original overlords a bit, to simplify the logistics of loading and unloading units, even if that resulted in an overlord that can carry quite a few more units.

Zerg Units

Protoss Units

Terran Units

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