Terran Battlecruiser

Written below is a D&D 3.5 draft of Starcraft's terran battlecruiser.
This particular version is a much smaller version of the original that I have called the war frigate.
Similar drafts of other units can be found here: Starcraft d20

Always N Colossal Construct (Terran, Vehicle)
Init +0; Senses Darkvision 2 miles, Blindsight 60 ft., Superior Low-Light Vision, All-Around Battle Sensors; Listen +24, Spot +24
Languages understands Common; cannot speak; Terran Comlink

AC 27, touch 10, flat-footed 27 (-8 Size, +17 natural, +8 deflection)
hp 418 (28d10+80+30+28); Reinforced Hull; DR 12/adamantine
Immune blindness, deafness, petrification, polymorph, construct immunities
Resist acid 5, cold 30, electricity 10, fire 30, sonic 5
Weakness Operator Dependent, Structural Vulnerability
Fort +11, Ref +11, Will +11

Speed fly 40 ft. (perfect), swim 20 ft.; Run
Melee slam +32 (4d6+12)
Ranged 12 laser batteries +14 touch (1d8) and yamato cannon +9 touch (64d6)
Space 30 ft.; Reach 20 ft. (Long)
Base Atk +21; Grp +61
Atk Options laser volley, resonating frequency, yamato cannon
Special Actions distortion field, iris aperture doors, control consoles, memory matrix, terran comlink

Abilities Str 59, Dex 11, Con —, Int —, Wis 11, Cha 1
SA adamantine strike, charge delay, laser volley, lasers, nuclear bolts, resonating frequency
SQ all-around battle sensors, camouflage field, construct traits, extra buff, extreme deflection, fusion torch engines, life support, operator dependent, planar link, reinforced hull, structural vulnerability, targeting systems
Racial Feats Aquatic Shot (Sto 90), Blind-Fight, Coordinated Shot (HB 96), Far Shot, Great Fortitude, Improved Natural Attack [Laser Batteries] (MM 304), Improved Natural Attack [Yamato Cannon] (MM 304), Improved Toughness (CW 205), Iron Will, Lightning Reflexes, Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Run, Sharp-Shooting (CW 105), Weapon Focus [Laser Batteries], Weapon Focus [Yamato Cannon]
Skills Hide +0, Listen +24, Spot +24, Swim +32

Laser Batteries (Ex) A war frigate discharges lasers in combat without provoking attacks of opportunity. Its laser battery attacks are considered natural weapons despite having a projectile weapon’s unmodified range increment of 180 feet. Laser battery attacks made underwater have an unmodified range increment of 90 feet with no additional penalties for range. A laser battery attack that hits a target with a ranged touch attack, deals untyped energy damage. A laser battery attack always deals full damage against objects (although hardness still applies).
Lasers (Ex) Lasers are composed of energy and suffer no penalty due to wind speeds or water currents. Spells and abilities that affect one or more laser battery attacks, affect the lasers they shoot accordingly.
Laser Volley (Ex) As a standard action, a war frigate may attack once with each laser battery at a -5 penalty on the attack roll.
Resonating Frequency (Ex) When making a laser battery attack against an object or structure, a war frigate may apply a -2 penalty to the attack roll before it is made. If the attack succeeds, the damage dealt to the target ignores its hardness.
Yamato Cannon (Ex) As a standard action, a war frigate may expel a bolt of nuclear energy in combat without provoking attacks of opportunity. Its yamato cannon attack is considered a natural weapon despite having a projectile weapon’s unmodified range increment of 400 feet. Yamato cannon attacks made underwater have an unmodified range increment of 120 feet with no additional penalties for range. A yamato cannon attack that hits a target with a ranged touch attack, deals untyped energy damage. A yamato attack always deals full damage against objects, ignoring their hardness in the process.
Nuclear Bolts (Ex) Nuclear bolts are considered "siege weapons" when wind speeds and water currents become a factor. Spells and abilities that affect a yamato cannon attack, affect the nuclear bolts it shoots accordingly.
Charge Delay (Ex) A war frigate must wait at least 2 minutes after making a yamato cannon attack, before the weapon can be used to attack again.
Adamantine Strike (Ex) The natural weapons of war frigate overcome adamantine-based damage reduction.
Distortion Field (Ex) When active, the distortion field of a war frigate prevents ethereal and incorporeal creatures from passing through it to attack or otherwise touch anything inside of it. In addition, these fields also redirect incoming teleportation spells and effects with a destination inside the war frigate, so that their targets arrive just outside of it. A war frigate may enable or disable the effect of this ability as a free or immediate action.
Iris Aperture Doors (Ex) Centered on each flank of a war frigate lies an outer door 10 feet in diameter. Behind each outer door lies a pressure chamber 5 feet deep and 10 feet in diameter, that leads to an inner door. Centered between both inner doors lies a small bridge, 10 feet tall and 20 feet on a side. As a free or immediate action, a war frigate may open or close any number of its doors to permit creatures no bigger than Medium size, to enter or exit. As a free or immediate action taken when all of its doors are closed, a war frigate may suck the air supply out of its pressure chambers.
Control Consoles (Ex) The bridge of a war frigate has a forward and rear control console that cover their respective walls and display information received from its senses and accessed from its Memory Matrix. As a move action, an authorized occupant on the bridge of a war frigate may use one of these control consoles to direct the war frigate into performing any course of activity.
Memory Matrix (Ex) Unlike other mindless constructs, a war frigate constantly records and remembers all the information it receives. As a full-round action, an authorized occupant using either of its Control Consoles may access that information to make a trained Knowledge check with a +16 circumstance bonus.
Terran Comlink (Ex) As a move action, an authorized creature can command a willing war frigate to instantly attune itself to particular frequency code. As a move action, an authorized creature using one of a war frigate's Control Consoles can command it to instantly enable the functionality of having their image, voice and/or the war frigate's relative location broadcast to all other constructs attuned to the same frequency code, and their occupants, that lie within range. This ability has a maximum range equal to 1000 miles multiplied by the Construct's undamaged hit point total, and persists until an authorized creature commands a willing war frigate as a free or immediate action, to instantly disable it.
All-Around Battle Sensors (Ex) A war frigate’s sensor array allows it to look in any direction, and provides it with a +24 circumstance bonus on Listen and Spot checks. A war frigate cannot be flanked. In addition, a war frigate suffers only one half the normal penalty on Spot checks because of distance (-1 per 20 feet of distance, rather than -1 per 10 feet). The benefits of this ability only apply to areas both inside and outside the war frigate itself.
Camouflage Field (Ex) A war frigate gains a +16 racial bonus to Hide checks.
Extra Buff (Ex) War frigates gain an extra 30 hit points.
Extreme Deflection (Ex) War frigates gain a +8 deflection bonus to Armor Class.
Fusion Torch Engines (Ex) War frigates possess the reach and carrying capacity of a quadruped, using cold fusion reactors to provide thrust and lift, enabling them to fly, swim and otherwise maneuver, even in a vacuum.
Life Support (Ex) A war frigate's bridge produces enough artificial gravity for its occupants to walk around without difficulty, and delays the onset of space sickness by 1 day per racial Hit Die. A war frigate creates an ideal atmosphere within itself for typical humans, filtering the needed substances from the surrounding environment when not in a vacuum. In a vacuum, a war frigate can sustain 1 typical human occupant for a number of hours equal to the frigate's own undamaged hit point total.
Operator Dependent (Ex) Unless directed to act differently by an authorized occupant using one of the Control Consoles on its bridge, a war frigate may not take standard or full-round actions or use weapons.
Planar Link (Su) Whenever a war frigate is teleported or leaves a plane by any means, everything inside of it travels with it, arriving in the same configuration, except unwilling creatures and their possessions, which are left behind.
Reinforced Hull (Ex) War frigates gain maximum hit points from their racial Hit Dice.
Structural Vulnerability (Ex) A Construct with the Vehicle subtype is not immune to critical hits and precision damage. There is still a 50% chance that any critical hit or any precision damage scored against it is negated so that the damage is instead rolled normally.
Targeting Systems (Ex) War frigates gain Aquatic Shot (Sto 90), Coordinated Shot (HB 96), Far Shot, Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Sharp-Shooting (CW 105), Weapon Focus [Laser Batteries] and Weapon Focus [Yamato Cannon] as racial bonus feats.
Skills War frigates gain a +8 racial bonus to Swim checks. A war frigate can take a 10 on any Swim check, even when distracted or threatened. It may use the run action when flying or swimming, provided it does so in a straight line.

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