Terran Marine

Written below is a D&D 3.5 draft of a battlesuit that comprises part of the Starcraft marine.
Similar drafts of other units can be found here: Starcraft d20

If adapted for use in medieval fantasy setting, a terran battlesuit's typical occupant might be a human 2nd-level ranger, with aberrations as a favored enemy, the archery combat style, and the following elite stat array: Str 10, Dex 15, Con 13, Int 14, Wis 12, Cha 8.

Always N Medium Construct (Host, Terran)
Init -5 (-5 Dex); Senses Darkvision 300 feet, Superior Low-Light Vision, Shared Sensors; Listen +8, Spot +8;
Languages understands Common; cannot speak; Terran Comlink

AC 14, touch 5, flat-footed 14 (-5 Dex, +6 natural, +3 shield)
hp 36 (2d10+20+5); DR 2/adamantine
Immune blindness, deafness, petrification, polymorph, construct immunities
Resist acid 5, cold 30, electricity 10, fire 30, sonic 5
Weakness Operator Dependent, Structural Vulnerability
Fort +0, Ref -5, Will +0

Speed 5 ft., swim 20 ft.
Melee shield arm +1 (1d8+1)
Ranged rifle arm -5 (2d8/x3)
Space 5 ft.; Reach 5 ft. (Tall)
Base Atk +0; Grp +3
Atk Options burst fire, hyperspin rounds
Special Actions occupant entry, operate battlesuit, effect barrier, speakers, stimpacks, terran comlink, eject occupant

Abilities Str 17, Dex 1, Con —, Int —, Wis 11, Cha 1
SA adamantine strike, bullets, burst fire, hyperspin rounds
SQ buff, ectostatic layer, gravity reducers, life support, planar link, operator dependent, shared saves, shared sensors, structural vulnerability
Racial Feats Improved Natural Attack [Rifle Arm] (MM 304), Improved Natural Attack [Shield Arm] (MM 304), Multiattack (MM 304)
Skills Climb +13, Jump +13, Listen +8, Spot +8, Swim +21

Occupant Entry (Ex) As a move action, a typical human-shaped creature of Medium size without a check penalty due to equipment or encumbrance, may enter an unoccupied terran battlesuit that is both willing and adjacent. A terran battlesuit only has room for one such occupant. Once inside a terran battlesuit, the occupant gains total cover and concealment in addition to immunity against environmental extremes and all external events except gaze attacks. Any objects carried by the occupant that won't fit inside the battlesuit itself, wind up in its space.
Operate Battlesuit (Ex) When occupied, a willing terran battlesuit responds as if it were an extension of occupant's body, giving that occupant access to the suit's feats, natural weapons, special attacks/actions, senses and sensory special qualities. Any effect or condition that hinders or penalizes the physical actions of a terran battlesuit, also affects the physical actions of its occupant in a like manner. An occupied terran battlesuit, always uses the better land speed, base attack bonus, Strength score, Dexterity score and skill ranks as they are found between itself and the battlesuit it occupies. When used underwater, a terran battlesuit remains buoyant and propels itself with a multitude of small jets, always moving using its own swim speed. For the purpose of proficiency and other abilities, a functioning terran battlesuit is considered medium armor worn by both itself and its occupant with no land speed reduction, a maximum Dex bonus to AC of 5, a -2 check penalty to Dexterity-based skill checks and a 50% chance of arcane failure.
Rifle Arm (Ex) One arm of a typical terran battlesuit ends in a high powered rifle, preventing that hand from being used for other tasks. The occupant of the battlesuit can use the suit's rifle arm to shoot bullets in combat without provoking attacks of opportunity. This rifle arm attack is considered a natural weapon despite having a projectile weapon’s unmodified range increment of 150 feet. Rifle arm attacks made underwater have an unmodified range increment of 30 feet with no additional penalties for range. A successful rifle arm attack deals piercing damage. An occupant not proficient with firearms, only suffers a -2 penalty to attack rolls when using a rifle arm.
Bullets (Ex) Spells and abilities that affect a rifle arm attack, affect the bullets it shoots accordingly.
Shield Arm (Ex) One arm of a typical terran battlesuit is mounted with a heavily armored shield, providing itself and its occupant with a +3 shield bonus to its Armor Class. The occupant of a willing terran battlesuit can use the suit's shield arm to make a bashing attack as a secondary natural weapon without losing the bonus it provides to AC. A successful shield arm attack deals bludgeoning damage. An occupant not proficient with shields, only suffers a -2 penalty to attack rolls when using a shield arm.
Burst Fire (Ex) The first attack made using a rifle arm of a terran battlesuit as part of a full attack action, deals damage as if the weapon were one size larger than it actually is.
Hyperspin Rounds (Ex) When using a typical terran battlesuit to make a rifle arm attack against an object or structure, its occupant may apply a -5 penalty to the attack roll before it is made. If the attack succeeds, the damage dealt to the target ignores its hardness.
Adamantine Strike (Ex) The natural weapons of terran battlesuit overcome adamantine-based damage reduction.
Effect Barrier (Su) As a free or immediate action, an authorized creature can command a willing terran battlesuit to instantly enable or disable the functionality of allowing all magical and psionic effects, both incoming and outgoing, to ignore the total cover and concealment it provides to its occupant, but only for the purpose of establishing line of sight and line of effect.
Speakers (Ex) As a free or immediate action, the occupant of a willing terran battlesuit can command it to instantly enable or disable the functionality of having their voice emitted from the suit's exterior speakers.
Stimpacks (Ex) Up to once per minute as a free or immediate action, the occupant of a willing terran battlesuit can command the suit instantly inject them with a potent performance serum. If the occupant is a living creature, it instantly gains benefits as if affected by a haste spell for 1d4+1 rounds. One minute later, the occupant suffers 2 points of Constitution damage.
Terran Comlink (Ex) As a move action, an authorized creature can command a willing terran battlesuit to instantly attune itself to particular frequency code. As a move action, an authorized occupant of a willing terran battlesuit can command it to instantly enable the functionality of having their voice and/or the battlesuit's relative location broadcast to all other constructs attuned to the same frequency code, and their occupants, that lie within range. This ability has a maximum range equal to 1000 miles multiplied by the battlesuit's undamaged hit point total, and persists until an authorized creature commands a willing terran battlesuit as a free or immediate action, to instantly disable it.
Eject Occupant (Ex) As a free or immediate action, an authorized creature can command a willing terran battlesuit to expel its occupant into the specified adjacent square. When destroyed, a terran battlesuit automatically ejects its occupant. The moment an occupant no longer fits within a terran battlesuit, it is similarly ejected.
Buff (Ex) Terran battlesuits gain an extra 5 hit points.
Ectostatic Layer (Ex) Ethereal and incorporeal creatures cannot pass through a functioning terran battlesuit to attack or otherwise touch anything inside of it.
Equipment Factors (Ex) A willing terran battlesuit can be affected by any beneficial spell or effect that affects objects. For the purpose of beneficial or harmless effects, the construct itself doubles as armor worn by both itself and its occupant, while its natural weapons double as manufactured weapons and its shield doubles as a manufactured shield. Much like an attended object, the construct may share the beneficial effects of applicable magic items, spells, spell-like abilities, supernatural abilities and extraordinary abilities (such as any spell resistance), that a willing occupant might have.
Gravity Reducers (Ex) A terran battlesuit always supports its own weight like any other creature, but also carries its occupant and what they carry. For the purpose of its carrying capacity and Strength-based skill checks, a terran battlesuit's Strength score is considered 20 points higher than it actually is. In addition, any falling damage it suffers is halved.
Life Support (Ex) A terran battlesuit creates an ideal atmosphere within itself for a typical human, filtering the needed substances from the surrounding environment when not in a vacuum. In a vacuum, the suit can sustain a typical human occupant for a number of hours equal to the suit's own undamaged hit point total.
Operator Dependent (Ex) Without a creature to occupy and manipulate them, a Construct with the Host subtype may not take standard or full-round actions or use weapons. In the absence of such an occupant, a willing Construct of this type will still follow the commands it receives from other authorized creatures. In addition, these constructs have no base attack bonus progression.
Planar Link (Su) Whenever an occupied terran battlesuit or its occupant is teleported or leaves a plane by any means, both of them travel to the same destination at the same time in the same configuration.
Shared Saves (Ex) Whenever a Construct with the Host subtype makes a saving throw while it has a willing occupant inside of it, it does so using the best modifier as found between itself and the occupant. In addition, if one of them has a form of Evasion or Mettle, they both do.
Shared Sensors (Ex) Integrated cameras and microphones provide a terran battlesuit and any occupant it might have, with a +8 circumstance bonus to Listen and Spot checks. A willing terran battlesuit shares its senses with its occupant, each using their own skill ranks, feats and mental ability scores. If one of them perceives a threat, they both do. To catch either of them flat-footed, a creature must evade their combined notice. In addition, if one of them has a form of Uncanny Dodge, they both do.
Structural Vulnerability (Ex) A Construct with the Host subtype is not immune to critical hits and precision damage. There is still a 50% chance that any critical hit or any precision damage scored against it is negated so that the damage is instead rolled normally.
Skills A terran battlesuit gains a +8 racial bonus to Swim checks. The creature can take a 10 on any Swim check, even when distracted or threatened. It may use the run action when swimming, provided it does so in a straight line.

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