Imaskari Gravitic Driveguns

Gravitic driveguns are a common category of firearms employed by the futuristic version of the imaskari enclaves (index). These weapons produce and propagate gravity pulses to propel each individual unit of ammunition at high velocity. With or without ammunition, these weapons can be set to discharge each gravity pulse they produce immediately after any round that pulse might have launched. A discharged gravity pulse appears as an elongated transparent light-distorting ripple slightly thicker than whatever round it was used to propel, and is capable of impacting a target with an amount of crushing force not quite as devastating as a full bore assault round, albeit they do not travel nearly as far.
  • Typically sealed and insulated against extreme and hostile environments.
  • Electromagnetic, temperature and radioactivity resistant insulation.
  • Despite the fact that gravitic driveguns are significantly less noisy than other kinds of ballistic firearms, sound suppressors are still often used to help cancel out and diminish the sound they produce when fired.
  • Rangefinding laser scopes are often used to assist with accuracy.
  • Sensor Baffling devices are used to help prevent these firearms from registering to various sensors.
Imaskari employ various types of ammunition for gravitic driveguns, including but limited to, the following:
  • Full bore assault rounds are composed of atomically depleted high density metals.
  • Cryonic shells expel pressurized mutagen when broken upon impact, resulting in a sudden endothermic reaction that freezes what remains of the shell and the surrounding target, often rendering it prone to shatter.
  • When broken on impact, tangler shells expel normally inert substances that form a sticky compound when combined. This small glob of compound then bonds to whatever it comes into contact with as it expands into a gelatinous substance, covering large portions of the target as it hardens into an immobilizing layer of chitinous material.
Additional information to come.

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