Imaskari Holocom Bracers

To facilitate field communications, the futuristic version of the imaskari enclaves (index) often employ adjustable holocom bracers, possessing a segmented ceramic shell, with a keyboard interface set beneath a pair of sliding panels and a row of transparent ceramic lenses running down its length.
  • Ceramic matrix shell exterior.
  • Typically sealed against extreme and hostile environments.
  • Electromagnetic, temperature and radioactivity resistant insulation.
  • EMP shielded processors, data drives and restoration systems, with hack-defense encryption and wipe protocols.
  • A miniature ansible and various transceivers facilitate communications between the bracer and other devices, while a miniaturized holographic device can both record and display both visual and auditory information received and translated by the bracer.
  • A camera and microphone enable the bracer's wearer to interface with the bracer and those with whom they make contact.

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