Alternate 3.5 FR Timeline

(Under Construction)

The following poses an alternative Forgotten Realms timeline to circumvent most of the changes brought by 4th edition, while at the same time reducing the domineering shadow cast by Mystra's chosen over the setting.

1385 DR -- Mystra lays dormant in a suspended twilight close to death after nearly being killed by Cyric, and is closely guarded, most notably by Azuth and Selune. Various lesser deities now preside over the different magic schools or portions of the Weave thereof, thereby sharing stewardship over it in Mystra's stead. The unique powers granted to Mystra's chosen and faithful have greatly diminished. The forces of magic and the world itself are never beset by the Spellplague and its azure flames. In addition, the Feywild is gradually "rediscovered" by various groups and individuals via emerging fey crossings and occasional worldfalls.

1387 DR -- The Plane of Radiance (Dragon Magazine 321) is "rediscovered".....

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  1. Great stuff.

    How about a slight alteration.

    "Mystra is almost destroyed in an assassination attempt by Cyric. In order to prevent her destruction, Mystra was forced to draw on the power stored in the chosen, resulting in the chosen no longer having their chosen-granted abilities".