Imaskari Soldiers

Rank and file combat soldiers employed by the futuristic version of the imaskari enclaves (index) are typically trained in wilderness survival and scouting, as well as firearms, blades, maces, martial arts and grenades.

Oscillating monoedge blades of varying materials and sizes, are common accessories among imaskari combat soldiers.

In the vacuum of space and other hostile environments, imaskari personnel wear fully-sealed and insulated survival suits with various miniaturized devices built into them, with the purposes of homeostasis, communication, navigation, scanning, propulsion, locomotion and defense being chief among them.
  • Survival suits include segmented cermet matrix helmets with neural sensor interfaces and face shields composed of transition ceramics, that can produce holographic heads up displays.
  • Small shielded backpacks contain most of the power cells used to help power the other various devices incorporated as part of any given survival suit.
  • Various induction modules are available with most survival suits, for the wearer to use in performing various aerial and stellar maneuvers through the manipulation of artificial gravity.

To help mitigate the fact that imaskari are slightly less nimble and coordinated than other races, they may also wear a layer of protective hybrid fabrics steeped in shear thickening gels, over their survival suits. For further protection, soldiers will also wear articulated suits of segmented cermet matrix armor, fitted to accommodate all underlying equipment.

When considering their appearance, the cermet matrix helmets and armor worn by imaskari combat soldiers, may closely resemble those worn by General Zod and his heavy combat soldiers in the movie Man of Steel.

Proficiency with other technological devices vary from soldier to soldier in any given combat unit.

Additional information to come.

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