Imaskari Gravitic Cosmocannons

Gravitic cosmocannons are rarely employed by the futuristic version of the imaskari enclaves (index). Vessels of extreme length built around their singular primary armament, they are more than equal to the task of emitting beams of various quantum particles and super-dense short-lived chains of artificially compounded neutronic mass, at speeds approaching the speed of light. These chains are sent hurtling through their targets, similar to having the mass of mountains pass through them in the form of long strands of hair. (see Image)
  • These vessels are considered objects, and are placed under the effect of various spells as often as can be arranged.
  • The effective size of each vessel is Colossal. Wind speeds and water currents affect each vessel as if it were three sizes larger than it actually is.
  • Layered cermet matrix armor plating.
  • Sealed against extreme and hostile environments.
  • Electromagnetic, temperature and radioactivity resistant insulation.
  • Inertial dampeners and surplus converters.
  • A jumpdrive aboard each vessel, when fully charged, can create and maintain a temporary wormhole through which the ship then travels, reducing the distance it needs to cover in order to reach a given destination. Once inside the wormhole, the ship must continue to its exit or drop out of it, requiring that the jumpdrive be recharged again afterwards. The course of any given wormhole must be calculated prior to its creation, from existing knowledge of the areas surrounding it.
  • When active, an Alcubierre drive on each vessel, surrounds it in a field that warps and wrinkles the fabric of space in the direction the pilot wishes to travel. This reduces the actual distance the ship needs to travel to reach a given destination, without increasing the vessel's actual velocity beyond that provided by its engines.
  • Induction engines on each vessel, provide it with swift and silent propulsion through the manipulation of artificial gravity.
  • When active, cloaking screens warp light and energy about these vessels, rendering them invisible to sight and most other sensors, or at least harder to notice, locate or identify. These vessels cannot discharge their main weapon and employ their cloaking screens at the same time.
  • When active, various gravitic, magnetic, and particle fields on each vessel help deflect ballistic projectiles and disperse energy from energy-based projectile weapons. However, they cannot be used in conjunction with cloaking screens without giving the vessel's position away to other sensor arrays.
  • An advanced sensor array on each vessel includes, among other things, hi-res video and audio, electromagnetic sensors, spectroanalyzers, multiphase radar, mass detectors, piercing visors and biomed scanners. These sensors also feed into advanced autopilot and targeting systems.
  • Each vessel includes EMP-shielded AI core processors, data drives and restoration systems with hack-defense encryption and wipe protocols.
  • Each vessel derives power from an EMP-shielded system that includes supercapacitor arrays composed of carbon-nanotube papers, recharged from energy produced by a variety of matter-antimatter and particle fusion reactors.
  • Compact ansibles and various transceivers facilitate communications between each vessel and other devices, while various holocom devices can both record and display both visual and auditory content for face to face interactions throughout the vessel.
Additional information to come.

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