Imaskari Plasmahead Missiles

Plasmahead missiles are often employed by the futuristic version of the imaskari enclaves (index). The launching vessel will use its own sensors and targeting systems to assist each missile by remote to its intended target. As a missile approaches its intended target, it is then directed to prime its payload and surround itself with a high energy, super-dense plasma barrier bound by gravitic and magnetic fields, leaving only the aft portion of the missile uncovered. These barriers not only help protect the missiles in transit, but also add to the damage and depth they achieve upon impact, prior to detonation.

When excess plasma is generated from a missile impacting an atmosphere at ultrasonic speeds, that plasma is held in abeyance by the gravitic and magnetic fields surrounding the missile. The missile will adapt as needed, producing less of its own plasma while diverting more power into the reinforcement of its external fields, with any excess plasma flowing along the barrier and weeping clear of the missile itself.

Each missile is fitted with a miniaturized matter-antimatter or particle fusion reactor, along with miniaturized induction engines and a minor Alcubierre drive that only add to the energy released upon detonation. The payload stored in each missile, typically involves a gravitic nova burst or a concentrated mass reaction.

Additional information to come.

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