Imaskari Leadership

Typically, new imaskari enclaves (index) and settlements are established by an imaskari arcanist capable of raising a mythal bearing his or her name, as well as leading a group of supporters and would be immigrants. Most enclaves are then governed by an elected council of qualified wizards (and technologists) known as Planners, chief among them being the High Planner, Enacter and Apprehender. Although the High Planner is chosen by the council to rule alone, the chosen Enacter and Apprehender have the power to put decisions to a council vote if they both disagree with the High Planner's decree. The primary arcanist responsible for researching and raising an enclave's mythal, is always given a position on the council if they so desire.

Although nearly every enclave is currently allied under drafted articles as the Imaskari Accord, to often partner and coordinate with one another, each of them vary in some ways from the next.

Additional information to come.

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